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Company Culture

Company Culture

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1. Enterprise spirit
1. Pragmatic: Faced with the current numerous market changes, adhere to the down-to-earth, steady and progressive business strategy. Never be blinded by unrealistic imaginations.
2. Rigorous: This is a way of doing things, but also an attitude of being a person.
3. Innovation: Don't let the inherent way of thinking impede your actions, keep trying to change to show the different side of things.
4. Enterprising: Only by going forward courageously can we survive, we have no choice.

2. The core value of the company
1. Honesty is always important: Only by being a good person and an honest enterprise will there be loyal customers and you will go along with you.
2. Only diligent dreams will come true: this is one of the cornerstones of our traditional culture, and it is also an unchanging truth in market competition.
3. Quality is the self-esteem of an enterprise: high quality is a must if we want to become a "century-old store" with sustainable development capabilities. We hope that Chuangyue Chemical will become synonymous with high quality in the future.
4. Dare to face competition: Competition has developed into the main theme of social development. We must dare to compete and be good at competition. This is a great time to test our own capabilities.
5. The interests of the team are always greater than the personal goals: "If the skin is not there, the hair will be attached?", "Without everyone, how can there be a small family", only if the interests of the team are fully guaranteed, the company can develop in the long term. We are willing to seek the consistency between our own development and the development of the enterprise. We fully understand that there may be temporary inconsistencies with personal interests during the development of the enterprise.
6. Only better: Satisfying the status quo will make people stop, and companies will not advance or retreat in competition. Therefore, we constantly try to break through ourselves and find a better self.

Three, business management philosophy
1. We sincerely care about our employees and provide a safer and more complete working environment wherever we can. We respect every employee who has worked hard for the company's continuous success and provide good remuneration as much as possible, so that they can get both material and spiritual gains.
2. We try our best to maintain the stability of the team, to tolerate and cooperate with each other among employees, to work together for a clear goal, and to be proud of the company.
3. We insist that production safety is always more important than making money; sustainable development is always more important than short-term profit.
4. We always advocate and encourage healthy internal competition, performance evaluation and survival of the fittest.
5. We advocate the "ingenuity" of innovation, transcendence and excellence, and what we achieve should always be a little higher than customer expectations.
6. In the face of the rapid changes in today's society, we emphasize continuous learning and self-improvement, and strive to become a new type of talent who adapts to the big scene.


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