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Assembled air conditioner for ship

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The CZK type marine assembled air-conditioning device is the key core equipment of the air duct type marine central air-conditioning system. It is mainly composed of a compression condensing unit, an air-conditioning box, automatic control valves, an electric control assembly, etc., and is installed on a common base. , With functions such as refrigeration, heating, humidification, dehumidification, filtration, and fresh air ventilation.
  The air conditioner box adopts a new type of assembly structure, which has the advantages of good sealing, small deformation rate, light weight, strong noise reduction ability, and convenient disassembly and assembly. For retrofitting ship types, the assembled structure can be decomposed into single parts and transported to the cabin for assembly. There is no need to cut the original hull structure, which greatly reduces the amount of construction work in the shipyard and avoids damaging the overall structural performance of the ship.

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