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Marine constant pressure device

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The marine constant pressure device integrates many functions such as heat exchange, cold (hot) water circulation, constant pressure, exhaust, water replenishment, filtration, water treatment and electrical control in the marine central air conditioning circulating cold (hot) medium water system. Complete set of assembled marine equipment. The device consists of heating and heat exchange device (plate heat exchanger), steam flow control valve group, trap valve group, constant pressure expansion diaphragm tank, automatic exhaust device, pressure difference controller, water supply isolation device, ionized water processor, and electric , Manual valve and control unit.
The marine constant pressure device has the following characteristics:
  (1) The marine constant pressure device is an ideal replacement product for the closed cold (heat) medium circulating water system of the marine air conditioning system. Because the traditional high-position open expansion tank is eliminated, it also solves many disadvantages caused by the arrangement of the expansion tank on the upper deck of the hull or outside the cabin in the past;
(2) Automatic conversion of refrigeration and heating conditions; automatic control of the flow of heating steam entering the device; the exhaust system automatically removes the free gas and the gas dissolved in the circulating water in the system, thus solving the long-term problem of the ship’s air conditioning system. It has been difficult to solve the air lock, corrosion and loss caused by the presence of gas in the circulating water. At the same time, it also effectively prevents the cavitation of the water pump, thereby reducing and reducing the maintenance workload of the equipment and extending the service life of the equipment.
   (3) The constant pressure value of the circulating water system can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the ship's air conditioning system, and its constant pressure accuracy is high (±0.1bar);
   (4) Water can be automatically refilled according to the pressure drop of the system set point;
  (5) The control system displays the actual operating conditions of the system and has automatic alarm for overtime water replenishment and sound and light alarm for equipment failure;
  (6) The device has compact structure, light weight and convenient maintenance. After the device is in place, the site can be commissioned and operated only after the relevant pipelines are connected to the device, thereby reducing the workload of on-site installation and shortening the construction period;
(7) The device can adjust, select and reorganize various functions and components according to the scale of various types of ship air-conditioning systems and system configuration characteristics. The shape and layout of the device can also be adjusted or split according to the equipment installation cabin equipment layout. .

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